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“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” — Andre Gide

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A bathroom with two sinks on a brown cabinet

6 of the Finest RV Showers and Tubs

RV bathrooms are notorious for having small showers and tubs that make washing up challenging. The solution to this problem is to either trade in your camper for an RV with a large shower or…

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Finally, a book about RVs that’s easy-to-follow!
RV Hacks (book)
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Authors of RV Hacks (book)

Julie Bennett and Marc Bennett Rohrer are the authors of RV Hacks — a highly acclaimed book on how you can make your life on the road easier, safer, and more fun.

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Campers enjoying a warm campfire

5 Myths About RV Camping Busted

Are you afraid to try RV camping because you’ve heard horror myths about what it’s like? Unfortunately, many myths surround the RV camping experience, from living in a cramped space to being downright unsafe. To…

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A couple taking a picture outside their camper

8 Optimal Campers Under 10,000 Lbs

Finding campers that weigh less than 10000 lbs isn’t all that difficult, but as they get lighter, it’s harder to know which brands are the most reliable in terms of construction and amenities or have…

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Man ice fishing, who will return to fish house RV momentarily

9 Best Fish House RVs for Ice Fishing

What are the best fish house RVs, and what makes them different from a traditional RV? A fish house recreational vehicle is a winter-ready travel trailer on hydraulics that lowers and seals to the ice….

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