Updated on February 4th, 2024

Welcome to Outside Hacks — my name is Eric, and I’m the guy behind this website.

Outside Hacks aims to bring together folks who enjoy RVs, camping, and the outdoors. This website also provides suggestions and tips from my many camping adventures, as well as a few of my crazy road stories.

I’ve been an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast since childhood. Growing up, two of my favorite campgrounds were in Mississippi — White Cypress Lakes and the Paul B Johnson State Park. I remember them fondly as gatherings for close friends, family, and campfires and marshmallows late into the night.

Aside from the mosquitoes, I don’t think there was a place, or a time for that matter, in my life when I was more at peace.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully, I can offer some fruitful advice that helps to make your experiences around the campfire as memorable as they were for my family and me.

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