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Ultimate RV Lock Guide: 9 Best RV Locks

The best way to increase the security of your RV and belongings is to ensure the lock to your camper is reliable yet easy to operate, so you use it when you should.

Unfortunately, many recreational vehicle locks fail after a few years or are easy to break into, so choosing a quality RV door lock as a replacement should be a top priority.

To help you select the best door locks for trailers or motorhomes, we put over a dozen top brands to the test and review the nine best below. Don’t waste time and money buying a poor-quality RV door lock. Instead, protect your camper no matter where you park with a dependable brand you can trust.

Types of RV Locks

Before we dive into our top RV lock brands, let us clarify the different types of locks on the market, so you can find the one that works best to replace your current model.

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Paddle RV Door Locks

Paddle RV door locks are very common on older travel trailers and motorhomes. The lock looks like a metal square or rectangle, with a paddle door latch and a flat area beside it where you insert a key.

When you lock the door, the bolts extend into the door frame, and the paddle will not lift. When you twist the key to unlock the door, it retracts the bolts so you can pull the paddle toward you to enter the RV.

Paddle door locks for new campers are the least expensive, and many models feature a universal fit, but most now have a key slot within the paddle handle.

However, finding an original vintage paddle RV door lock to keep with the aesthetic of an older camper can be tricky and costly.

Keyed RV Locks

A keyed RV lock has two places to insert a key. The first is incorporated into the door handle, while the deadbolt is typically off to the side.

Some keyed RV locks use Global Link keys that are simple to replace if lost by giving the code for your lock system. Newer RVs use a convenient Global Link key system that allows owners to open all the doors on their camper with a single key, including the RV cam locks for storage bay doors.

Keyless RV Locks

Keyless RV locks are becoming standard in newer recreational vehicles. However, the name is misleading, as most have a “backup” key option if you forget the code or to install an RV lock battery replacement when the old one dies so the electronics won’t operate.

A keyless lock consists of a keypad with numbers you can program or a fob that you hold near the lock to trigger it to open electronically. The design will also have a slot for a key.

Punching in a code to open or lock an RV door is very convenient. Not having to carry keys while out exploring local sites or participating in outdoor activities like swimming or boating alleviates the fear they’ll get lost, and you’ll be locked out of your camper.

A keyless lock also provides an extra layer of security because you can program in a unique code and change it whenever you wish. Keyed RV locks often have a cylinder lock that is easy to pick or even open with mass-produced keyed-alike RV lock sets.

The 9 Best RV Locks

1. RVLock V4.0 Keyless Lock with Integrated Keypad

  • Lock Type: Keyless

The RVLock V4.0 Keyless Entry Lock features an integrated keypad plus the option to use the included fobs to electronically open the door for even faster entry. The lock has a modern design, is easy to program, and features a durable coating that withstands the elements for years while looking and functioning like new.

The steel core, all-metal interior handle, and keys with a unique key code deter clever thieves. The lock even operates when the battery runs low, so you have a chance to get a replacement without getting locked out of your RV.

The overall features, fast installation, and ease of use put this RV lock at the top of our list. In addition, the RVLock V4.0 fits most trailer door locks.


  • Easy to install in ten minutes
  • Premium silicone backlit keypad
  • Operates with keypad, fob, or backup key
  • Superior-quality weather-resistant materials
  • Low-battery function
  • Fits most trailers
  • QuickLock feature
  • Silent mode option
  • Key Alike system
  • Batteries included

2. Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock

Lock type: Keyed
Price: $50

In this list of 9, The Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock is very budget-friendly yet offers the extra security of a deadbolt to keep your camper safe from break-ins. The simple design fits many motorhome and travel trailer doors and requires minimal installation time.

The black all-weather finish and rugged metal components can stand up to any camping conditions, which increases the value of this lock even more. The lock will fit any 1.25″ to 1.5″ RV door thickness and 2.75″ x 3.75″ cutout.

We appreciate the high quality of this RV door lock and the universal design that makes the replacement of Trimark, Global RV, Bargman, and other brand locks straightforward.


  • Exact replacement for many RV door locks
  • Integrated deadbolt mechanism
  • Two key sets, plus all hardware and screws included
  • Durable powder-coated weather-resistant metal components
  • Large, easy-to-see red interior lock latch
  • Comes in black or white

3. Bauer Bluetooth RV Lock / AP Products 013-5019 RV Door Lock

  • Lock Type: Keyed and Keyless

The Bauer AP Products 013-5019 Bluetooth RV Door Lock is another top contender because it has a paddle lock, a deadbolt, plus a keypad that can electronically open and shut the mechanisms for a trifecta of ways to prevent thieves from gaining entry.

The backlit keypad makes it simple to plug in your code in low lighting, and the unit looks stylish, upgrading the appearance of any recreational vehicle. Extra keys provide a backup method of entry, and the keypad works for months on AA batteries.

We do find that it’s a slight hassle to reset the pin code every time you replace the batteries, but otherwise, this is a solid RV entry door lock that fits a standard cutout size of 2.5″ W x 3.5″ H.


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Extra locking options increase security
  • Backlit keypad
  • Low battery indicator
  • Capacitive Touch Tech Technology
  • Fits most RV doors
  • Can be Keyed-Alike with other Bauer locks
  • Silent mode option

4. RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Door Lock

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Lock Type: Keyless
Price: $149

In this list of 9, The RVLock Compact Keyless Entry Keypad has a standard size of 3.75″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″, so it’s easier to install this RV lock versus the brand’s more elongated V4.0 model above. The lock will fit most horse trailers, cargo trailers, travel trailers, truck campers, or any size fifth-wheel RVs.

The lock has a rock-solid build and features a keyless entry option by pushing the pin into the keypad or holding the fob near the handle. There is a low-indicator light when the battery runs down, and you can always opt to use the backup keys for the paddle lock and deadbolt if need be.

We wish the set had more than one fob and set of keys. However, this camper door lock, made of a rust-proof hardened synthetic compound, is rugged and reliable.


  • Easy to install on most trailer types
  • Operates with keypad, fob, or backup key with unique key code
  • Weather-proof backlit keypad
  • Low-battery function
  • QuickLock feature
  • Silent mode option
  • Key Alike system
  • Lifetime warranty

5. Kohree RV Door Lock

Lock Type: Keyless
Price: $25 – $30

The Kohree RV Keyless Door Lock lets you use the convenient phone app, opt for pressing a keypad pin code, or use the physical key to activate the lock to secure your camper.

The size is perfect as a replacement for recreational vehicle OEM handles. In addition, the backlit keypad, deadbolt, and ability to lock and unlock your camping trailer from up to 65 feet away are major upgrades worth the investment.

Made of coated zinc alloy with an IPX3 waterproof handle, you never have to worry about rust or corrosion ruining the function or look of the lock, which is another reason we give this unit a top rating.


  • Operates with Kohree App, keypad, or backup key
  • Easy to install with all hardware and screws
  • Waterproof backlit keypad
  • Dust and shock-proof construction
  • Fits most trailers
  • Adjustable volume level

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6. VOGREX RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock

  • Lock type: Keyed

The VOGREX RV Travel Trailer Entry Door Lock has a polished chrome finish and low-profile appeal that is ideal for vintage-style trailers that need a replacement lock.

The affordable price doesn’t mean this lock system isn’t reliable or durable. On the contrary, the unit is weather-proof and made of heavy-gauge zinc alloy material that can withstand years of camping adventures.

We love the unique key for each lock to alleviate fears of easy break-ins and that it offers the extra security of a deadbolt.


  • Sleek chrome finish
  • Includes extra key set
  • Weather-proof construction
  • Affordable
  • Fits most trailers

Lock Type: Keyless
Price: $35

From the 9, the Global Link Ultra E Pro Electronic Lock for RV doors features a handle that is easier to grab and pull versus the more traditional paddle style. In addition, the kit fits most trailers with a standard door lock cutout, so you can quickly upgrade to a keyless system.

The integrated deadbolt adds another layer of security, and the keys are unique and give you the option to match other RV door or hatch locks with the Global Link Keyed-Alike system.

What we like most about this lock is that the keypad offers numbers 0-9, increasing the combinations to create a pin, and the handle is much easier to open for people with physical limitations.


  • Easy to install with only a screwdriver
  • Weatherproof keypad
  • Operates with keypad or key
  • Fits most trailers
  • Includes a C123 Lithium battery
  • Keyed-Alike option

8. FIC RV Door Lock

Lock type: Keyed

The FIC RV door lock 43610 is a straightforward model that will fit most motorhome and travel trailer doors. You can purchase this in a left or right-hand style and choose between a black or white version to match your camper exterior.

The paddle handle has a lock, and there is also a deadbolt to increase security. The keys are non-master so other RV keys won’t allow entry. However, you will only get one set and need extras made to have a spare.

We like the exterior design that sits flush with the camper side, so it blends in seamlessly. In addition, the zinc alloy metal is powder-coated for long life.


  • Installs quickly
  • Sits flush with the trailer exterior
  • Easy-open paddle handle
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant finish
  • Fits most standard trailer cutouts

9. FASTEC White Leonardo RV/Camper Trailer Entry Door Lock

  • Lock type: Keyed

Of the 9, The FASTEC White Leonardo door lock for the trailer is another very affordable yet high-quality option when you need an RV entry door lock replacement. The unusual design places the main and deadbolt lock cylinders within the paddle handle.

Another unique feature is the QuickCore Changeable cylinder, so you can replace the keys without changing out the whole unit in the event of lost keys. Finally, having extra room to grasp the handle with four fingers without pinching is another bonus feature that many overlook.

We like the quality control of this RV door lock, with tests showing tens of thousands of uses without failure, so you know it’s a great value.


  • Retrofits into most RVs
  • Ample finger clearance to grasp the handle
  • Features a QuickCore Changeable cylinder
  • UV-resistant and waterproof materials and construction
  • Affordable
  • Fits most trailers

Best RV Lock Wrap Up

The best RV door lock should be easy to install, match your camper’s exterior, function flawlessly, and be durable enough to last through all weather conditions without damage.

The nine best RV locks models we highlight above have the crucial RV lock qualities you need, so please check them out. We hope this guide provides insight into what the latest in technology and materials can offer in both keyed and keyless RV entry door locks.

Should You Buy a Keyless Doorlock? (Video)

Related Questions

  1. What are the key differences between paddle RV door locks, keyed RV locks, and keyless RV locks?

Paddle RV door locks are typically manual, requiring a key to unlock from the outside and a latch on the inside, and are known for their easy-to-use handle design.

Keyed RV locks also require a physical key but may come in various designs, not necessarily a paddle style, while keyless RV locks offer the convenience of entry through a numeric code or even a remote, eliminating the need for carrying a key.

  1. How does the RVLock V4.0 Keyless Lock with Integrated Keypad enhance the security of your RV?

The RVLock V4.0 Keyless Lock with Integrated Keypad enhances the security of your RV by providing a keyless entry system, eliminating the risk of lost or stolen keys.

Additionally, the integrated keypad allows for customizable codes, offering an extra layer of security by enabling you to change the access code as often as you wish, preventing unauthorized access.

  1. What are the advantages of using a keyless RV lock over a traditional keyed lock?

Keyless RV locks offer enhanced security and convenience compared to traditional keyed locks.

They eliminate the risk of losing keys and getting locked out, and some models even allow for remote access, customizable codes, and tracking, providing a higher level of control and peace of mind.

  1. How does the Global Link Ultra E Pro Electronic Lock enhance accessibility for people with physical limitations?

The Global Link Ultra E Pro Electronic Lock enhances accessibility for people with physical limitations by providing keyless entry, eliminating the need for manual dexterity to manipulate traditional keys.

Its user-friendly interface, which can include features like large buttons or touch screens, allows for easy operation, even for those with limited mobility or strength.

  1. What factors should you consider when choosing a lock for your RV?

When choosing a lock for your RV, you should consider factors such as the lock’s durability and resistance to weather conditions, as it will be exposed to various elements.

Additionally, the lock’s security features, such as keyless entry, built-in alarm systems, and anti-pick mechanisms, are crucial to prevent unauthorized access and theft.

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