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Discover the Kimbo Camper: Mobile Freedom

RVing is such a hot trend right now, and there are many newcomers to the manufacturing field, including the makers of the Kimbo camper. If you’re wondering what is a Kimbo camper, you came to the right place. This small RV brand makes a new breed of the truck camper, starting with their Series 6 model made to fit perfectly inside most mid or full-size truck beds.

If you’re in the market for a truck camper, you need to check out the Kimbo Series 6 guide.

Inside, you’ll learn everything about the brand and features to see if this unique RV may be just what you are looking for!

Kimbo Truck Camper History

Kimbo is a company that grew from the passion of one man.

Mark King has been an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer his whole life and began Trayvax, an outdoor gear company, in 2013 while living full-time in a 19-foot Airstream travel trailer.

As his RVing experience grew, he saw the need for a simple, efficient camper that was more compact and rugged to fit his lifestyle better.

Ever the inventor, Mark began building his dream camper in 2016. After dealing with the stresses of towing a travel trailer, he knew he wanted the convenience of an easy-to-transport truck camper and hit the drawing board with his innovative ideas.

Working from concepts that stem from his father’s role as captain of a US nuclear submarine, Mark went with a design that evokes a very similar look and feel, starting with the shiny silver exterior.

The crucial aspect of the project was to create a comfortable living space and provide the cooling, heating, plumbing, and other necessary amenities that go along with it so people can camp in all seasons of the year.

Things I Love About The Kimbo Camper (Video)

The small truck camper Mark built was unlike any other on the market. After living and traveling thousands of miles in his creation, he knew he had to bring it to the RV market.

The Kimbo Series 6 caters to the needs of a specific clientele and is not for everyone. If simplicity is your top priority, the Kimbo is a complete camping solution for weekend escapes or as a full-time home on the road in any region of the country.

The company plans to expand and grow with the needs of its clients. But, as of now, Mark is content to deliver his original truck camper with a superior design that is chock full of all the amenities that make RVing both comfortable and convenient.

What Makes Kimbo Campers Special

The Kimbo camper is in a class of its own. Let’s take a hard at the details of a Kimbo RV.


When most truck camper manufacturers are going as large as they can, Kimbo went the opposite direction. The brand’s Series 6 features a six-foot-long main living floor that fits into any mid-size and full-size pickup truck bed.

The design also works with short-bed trucks if you leave the tailgate down. The smaller size alleviates many of the issues during road travel that makes other truck campers feel unstable.

The compact outer appearance is very deceiving, as inside, you’ll find just over three feet of clearance in the cab-over area and a whopping 6′ 5″ of ceiling height in the main living space.

The ability for even a tall person to fully stand inside the camper shell is a great feature.

The overall length of the Kimbo is 10.9 feet and has a width of just under 6.5 feet.

While the Kimbo is ideal for off-grid camping adventures, the size also works just as well for city or urban exploration as the camper and truck can easily fit in a standard parking space.


The lightweight aluminum framing allows the Kimbo to achieve a base weight of 930 pounds. If you want to go ham on the options or accessories, the final weight remains impressively low at only 1,100 pounds.

Combining this low initial weight with your truck’s GVWR allows you to bring along ample camping supplies without worry you’ll be overloading your vehicle and causing damage to the engine or chassis.


The angular shape of the Kimbo looks cool, but that’s not all it does. The shape aids in the camper’s aerodynamics and assists when parking the camper into tight spots.

The Kimbo is fantastic for off-road RVers. The wise decision to remove the squared-off edges around most of the exterior reduces the chances of damage from driving through low-hanging branches or other obstacles.

The outer panels of the Kimbo are super durable and overlap and fit together to stop the water leaks that are a constant issue with standard recreational vehicles.

The sleek shape removes that cumbersome feeling of driving or pulling a standard RV, which lowers your overall stress levels during travel which is an unexpected bonus!

Another unusual feature for a truck camper is the Kimbo’s optional side entry door. Most truck campers have a rear entry door that requires the tailgate always to be down to access.

By moving the door to the side, you can keep the tailgate shut and use the extra bed space around the camper base to safely carry extra camping supplies or gear.

Access to the side door is via a large set of telescoping metal stairs, which may pose accessibility issues for some people.


Kimbo took a very thoughtful approach to the materials that go into the camper.

The outer shell is aluminum with rivet attachments. The frameless design is rigid and lays the groundwork for the R5 foam insulation that keeps the interior climate even in any weather.

The excellent sealing of the shell means you don’t have to worry about water or insects finding their way into your camper.

The inner walls are a dense brushed fabric, which is an unusual choice for a camper. The pros of the fabric wall lining are that it adds another layer of insulation value for warmth, is water-repellant, so it’s easy to keep clean, and helps control sound.

The entryway and flooring are teak wood that can withstand moisture, heat, cold, and general wear and tear much better than other wood species.

The windows are double-pane for better insulation and come with screens and black-out shades so you can enjoy fresh airflow or create privacy for sleeping or relaxing.

Kimbo Camper For Trucks (Video)

All the materials are durable and attach with strength, so they don’t break down under the strain of road vibrations, bumps, and exposure to the elements.

Kimbo wanted to provide a practical solution to common RVing problems, such as making any repairs in the event of accidental damage easy and affordable. You can replace a single aluminum exterior panel instead of having to replace a whole side if a hole or deep dent occurs.

The design also allows modifications without altering the structural integrity of the camper.

Lastly, the removable lift jacks let you mount the camper permanently to your truck bed or opt for using the jack lifts for a stand-alone option so you can use your truck separately during camping excursions.

Both permanent and removable truck camper modules have their benefits, and the option to use the Kimbo both ways increases camping flexibility.

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The Kimbo doesn’t lack amenities either as a standard feature or an option for such a small truck camper. The list is extensive to choose from, so you can tailor your RV to your exact specifications.

In the kitchen you can enjoy options for:

  • Energy-efficient refrigerator
  • Single-burner stove top
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Wire storage bins
  • Wooden storage unit with desk/dining option
  • 2.5 gallon water tank

Bathroom features:

  • Foldaway shower stall option

Other living space features:

  • Sleeping loft with a full-size mattress
  • Loft push-out window
  • Roof vent fan with skylight
  • More wire storage bins on walls
  • Vented propane fireplace/heating option
  • Closet and mud room
  • 110-volt outlets and USB ports
  • LED dimmable lighting
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Two cushioned seating areas

Electrical and other outdoor features:

The Kimbo is set up for solar, which allows off-grid camping comfort. You can upgrade the system to support 200 watts of power, including all the runs to the battery compartment.

The camper comes with solar power outdoor perimeter lights, a 12-volt sealed battery, a propane access bay, and super-strong tie-down brackets to hold the removable side-mounted jack lifts.

There is an integrated steel ladder on the exterior side of the Kimbo to provide roof access and can double as a place to strap on extra camping gear.

The RV has four windows that all open by flipping upward. The design is helpful to let you keep windows open during light rain showers and still have air circulation within the camper.

The large window in the cab-over area brings in tons of daylight to brighten up the interior, but all the windows have screens and room-darkening shades to keep bugs and the light out when you want to sleep.

Kimbo Truck Camper Price

The Kimbo is very affordable for such a durable camper that should last a lifetime.

The base price starts at around $20,000. The options can push the price closer to $30,000, but overall the value is worth every cent.

The interior feature installation uses a modular method, so one or more components will fit together seamlessly. You can start with the basic model and expand features or amenities as your budget allows.

You can pick which options you want for the following prices:

  • Refrigerator Module $1,800
  • Kitchen/Sink Module $1,600
  • Vented Propane Fireplace and Chimney $1,700
  • Foldaway Shower Module $1,700
  • Propane Tank 30lbs $200
  • Solar Power System $1000 + $600 for 200 Watt Solar
  • Wooden Storage Unit and Table $900
  • Wall-mounted Air Conditioner – No price available

You have a choice with your stove option. You can go with a propane-burning stove if cooking is a more significant concern. You can opt to install a wood-burning stove if you want heating and hot water as well. Both stove options have proper venting for your safety.

If you’re already an owner of a pickup truck, you can slide in the Kimbo in a matter of minutes and be ready to hit the road. Depending on your truck size, you may need to watch the weight of the supplies you pack to keep it within the safe GVWR range.

Kimbo Camper Cons

The biggest con of the Kimbo camper from users and testers is the lack of holding tanks for wastewater.

The lack of waste tanks means if you wish to have a toilet, you’ll have to go with a cassette version that you empty as necessary while you travel. For a solo camper, this is the ideal bathroom solution. Still, couples sometimes find privacy an issue, especially during inclement weather when the other person cannot go outside.

If you choose the shower option, you also need to install the propane fireplace to use as the water heater that works to feed the showerhead with a gravity-fed piping system.

If you choose to mount the air conditioner, you’ll need to have access to shore power for it to run, as the solar system won’t be enough to sustain the unit. The outside of the Kimbo does have a 120-volt outlet to make the connection.

Another negative Kimbo issue customers note is that most of the storage is hanging open-wire bins. Small items can fall through, and having personal items on display can start to look messy.

Some owners have fabric liners made for the bins to keep things looking more organized and in control which you may wish to consider if you purchase a Kimbo truck camper.

Kimbo Camper (Video)

Kimbo Camper Wrap Up

The Kimbo camper may be a newcomer to the truck camper industry, but it’s already gaining a reputation as a top choice in this niche RV market.

The space-age exterior and straightforward interior design offer serious RVers a chance to purchase a superior-quality truck camper that stands out from the crowd and can function off-grid like a champ.

When you want all the excitement of the RV life, but don’t want all the hassles of maintenance, storage, towing, and parking of a standard motorhome or travel trailer, then a Kimbo should be on your shopping list!

Related Questions

  1. What makes Kimbo Campers unique?

Kimbo Campers are unique due to their nimble and simple design that provides a livable space for outdoor enthusiasts.

They feature an aluminum, frameless construction that is both durable and lightweight, maximizing interior space while keeping costs low, and they offer extended off-grid operation for boondocking with modular interior options, R-5 insulated interiors, double pane windows with screens, and multiple power options, including solar and propane.

  1. What amenities does a Kimbo Camper offer?

A Kimbo Camper offers a range of amenities designed for comfortable and sustainable living in the wilderness.

These include a durable and lightweight aluminum, frameless construction, extended off-grid operation for boondocking, modular interior options with variable functions, R-5 insulated interior, double pane windows with screens, and multiple power options including solar and propane.

  1. What is the price range for a Kimbo Camper?

The price range for a Kimbo Camper, specifically the Kimbo 6 Series, varies depending on the features and add-ons.

No matter where you go, the base price starts at $22,999 and can go up to $40,999 for a fully loaded model.

  1. What are some of the pros and cons of owning a Kimbo Camper?

Pros of owning a Kimbo Camper include its durable and lightweight aluminum frameless construction, maximized interior space, extended off-grid operation for boon docking, and modular interior options.

However, cons may include the cost, which ranges from $22,999 to $40,999, and the current lead time for production, which is about 5 months from the receipt of deposit.

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